Family Season Pass
Early bird sale is over. Regular season pass pricing is in effect.
Season passes will be available for pick up after November 24, 2023.
Waivers must be signed in person. 18+ must sign for themselves prior to the pass being given out.
Photos can be uploaded at home or taken at Kinosoo. Please use a 'passport type' clear photo with face visable. Any photos that are not of this standard will be deleted and must be retaken at Kinosoo Ridge upon pickup.
*Must be immediate family living in the same household and includes up to 5 family members. Must include 1 parent.*
Correct: Mom, dad, son, daughter, son OR: Dad, son, son, daughter, daugher.
Incorrect: Mom, dad, son, 40 year old brother of dad, 30 year old sister of mom living with them.

Family Season Pass
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